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Coffee & Books

Call Ahead for Pickup:    803-932-2660


Monday - Friday 6am - 7pm

​​Saturday, Sunday 7am - 7pm

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The Coffee Shelf

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About works exclusively with independent bookstores. When using you choose your favorite local bookstore, and they get a commission on sales. To simplify this process chose a link from our website and your purchase will be supporting us!



Welcome to The Coffee Shelf Online

Thank you for visiting us! Is there a better combination than books and coffee? That's what we're about, so come check us out!

But while you're here online, consider finding your next favorite book on Amazon. We've partnered with them. It's simple; enter your book in the search bar. You will be taken to Amazon. You can then browse around to make sure you are getting what you want (hard copy, soft, kindle, etc), and that's it! The simple act of using our search bar to go to Amazon will get us credit. If you do, then we say THANKS!

Love audiobooks? Check out our storefront at, where you can get audiobooks in direct support of The Coffee Shelf. Want to learn about coffee? The Coffee Professor is your online resource for coffee knowledge.

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