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Lattes & Mochas are made the same way. It's the ingredients...


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The Nutty Irishman

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Clover Leaves

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Top Barista

February 2020


Like all of our employees, Ella balances her schedule between work and her studies as a student. She is also a basketball player for Chapin HS, which means less hours than others during the season. But this doesn't stop Ella from knowing her trade, and bringing a positive energy to work everyday. February was her first full month back, and Ella made the most it, becoming an easy choice for Top Barista. Great Job Ella! 

January 2020 Top Barista - Paris

Customer Created Drink

Best Customer Creation for March 2020 was by Dana

Dana's inspiration for creating this drink; "I really enjoy coconut and thought it would go good with caramel."  We think she added the chocolate part because, well, who wouldn't want chocolate with this combo? Great job Dana!

Want to have your name assigned to a drink you created? Go here, join our forum, and you will be notified when the next opportunity appears under "Customer Creations."


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