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About us

The Coffee Shelf

For each of our crew, being at The Coffee Shelf is more than a job.

In many ways it's a life experience. We learn, grow, share, be good, do good and have fun. We hope this spirit of close relationship we feel toward one another extends to you, our customer.


The Coffee Shelf was created to become the central meeting place in Chapin.

It is a place of collaboration and relationships, where people get together. It is a place where business gets done, students complete their projects, small groups meet, and book clubs socialize. It is a place for local authors to launch their life's work and it is a gallery for talented artists. 

The Coffee Shelf is a relaxing and enriching place to enjoy coffee, books, arts, music and more.

If you haven't visited us yet, come check us out! 

Welcome to The Coffee Shelf!

About the owner


I was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to France at a very young age and I grew up in Paris, France.

My interest and curiosity in musics, foods, languages and diverse cultures led me to get my degree in ethnomusicology at the Paris - Sorbonne University and in the flute performance at the Conservatory of Paris. 

I joined my husband in Philadelphia when he was studying at Wharton school at the UPenn then we moved to Columbia, SC which has become our adopted hometown where I worked as a French teacher at a high school in Lexington for six years. 

After different professional experiences in France, Korea and the US, as an educator, an official business interpreter, a musician, an academic director, and so on, I decided to follow my passion and love for coffee, bread and pastries and I am thrilled to serve the community as an owner of a beloved coffee shop.

Anne Shon - Owner of The Coffee Shelf

Rediscover Your Passion

Enjoying a rich cup of coffee, relaxing with your friend as you reminisce common experiences, is one of life's great pleasures. Or maybe you simply want to escape to the imagination of your favorite author. Coffee and reading is a part of our culture, ingrained in our daily lives, passed down to us with fondness from our parents, and to them from their parents.

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