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Our Team

For each of us, being at The Coffee Shelf is more than a job. In many ways it's a life experience. We dine together. We camp together. Mostly we just find ways to laugh together.

We hope this spirit of family & camaraderie we feel toward one another extends to you, our customer.


The Coffee Shelf was created to become the central meeting place in Chapin. It's where business gets done. It's where students complete their projects. It's where prayer groups meet, book clubs socialize, and a place for local authors to launch their life's work.


If you haven't visited yet, then what are you waiting for? Come check us out! Decide for yourself if we are the place our Google reviews claim we are.

Here's the best reason to come check us out: We have the best coffee, period. The best house coffee. The best frozen beverages. The best Cappuccinos. Come try for yourself and see if you agree.


A Little About Jerry

Owner, The Coffee Shelf

I had my first cup of coffee when I was eight. Well, it wasn't really coffee. My grandmother would add a splash to a cup of milk. Coffee-milk, she called it. This became our ritual when I would go visit her. No matter the time of day, she had my coffee-milk ready for me when I walked through her door.

Following a 20-year career in the Marine Corps I transitioned into corporate sales for aerospace and space products. More world traveling, which was my favorite part of that job. But I soon discovered my place was not in the corporate world. Somehow I lasted 5 1/2 years.

Ever since I left undergrad in 1990 I wanted to run my own business. After coming up with the idea of a coffee shop & bookstore in my adopted hometown of Chapin, South Carolina, I left the corporate life, and the rest is history. As the saying goes. 

Enjoying a rich cup of coffee, relaxing with your friend as you reminisce common experiences, is one of life's great pleasures. Or maybe you simply want to escape to the imagination of your favorite author. Coffee and reading is a part of our culture, ingrained in our daily lives, passed down to us with fondness from our parents, and to them from their parents.

Readiscover Your Passion


Christmas Eve 2019

One of the traditions at The Coffee Shelf is the reading of Christmas stories by the boss, for any of the Baristas who want to come after close. But as with all things Coffee Shelf, there is a bit more to this. Three are chosen to work and close on Christmas Eve, but whoever comes to hear stories helps with the closing. This gets us all home just a little earlier. We are more than a team.

On this occasion, Jerry read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. In attendance to hear the story; Bri, Drew, Alli, Danielle, Lauren, Paris, and our friend Emma.

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