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A Sober Dose of Levity

Years ago I walked into our living room and confidently declared to my wife, “I am an optimistic cynic.”

Without turning from her show, “there is no such thing.”

“Fine. I’ll just invent it.”

She recently purchased this shirt for me.

The last time a hurricane approached the coast of South Carolina was 2018, I believe. I’m accustomed to confused stares when in line with 16 gallons of whole milk at the grocery store. On a particular day in 2018, as I was exiting the store confronted with stares devoid of humor, I yelled, “there’s a hurricane coming”, and ran away with my cart.

Yesterday, when a customer glared at me, I swallowed my sarcastic tendencies and explained I was trying to keep my coffee shop running. He responded with an angry shake of his head and walked on. That’s what I get for suppressing my normal self.

I look forward to a day when I can return to my canned response, “my cow died.”

I posted this sign at our register today.

Not only has whipped topping made the list of items required at the onset of armageddon, so have chocolate chips for baking, bananas, paper towels, trash bags, and frozen dinners. The inventory manager at Food Lion told me, “they are buying everything.”

This is the camping corner in my closet. For some reason, looking at it last night, I suddenly feel prepared. I wonder how many whipped topping canisters I can carry.

A shout out to some of my loyal customers. Things like this have helped my business so much. Beyond the obvious support, the message it gives is one of: yes, this thing is serious, but you can still find a way to have your favorite cup of coffee.

Coronavirus is serious. It has been serious since mid February. For some reason it took us a month to realize this. I believe I know why, but that's a future article.

I’ve gone from an optimistic cynic to anxious, sarcastic, and hopeful. I mean, I can’t get rid of my sarcastic self. Holding it in is too painful.

A former colleague/friend, from my days in the corporate world, reached out a few weeks ago about a job opportunity. I almost messaged him last night to check on the availability. 🤔

It was a fleeting moment. The Coffee Shelf is holding strong.

#coronavirus #flattenthecurve #coffee #buyeverythingbecausewhythefucknot

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