• Jerry

An Ounce of Prevention

I recently read an article regarding the current level of public mistrust toward both our government and the press. It was an opinion piece, so I absorbed it with a grain of salt. The primary subject of the article was the current global spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

Last week I decided to implement extra precautions at The Coffee Shelf. This has less to do with the intense media coverage of COVID-19, and more to do with being smart. Even though the hype may be overblown, it makes sense as a coffee shop to be vigilant when situations such as this arise. Similar to what we do during flu season, which has not yet ended.

We are using cleaners, effective against bacteria and viruses, on our tables, door handles, and other places where our customers interact with The Coffee Shelf.

Some of the recent social media posts from The Coffee Shelf have been “tongue & cheek” with regard to the coronavirus. The picture included with this article was the subject of one of those posts. Despite my humorous and sarcastic views on life, please know I take the safety of my customers seriously.

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