Credit Where Credit is Due

April 26th, 2020

I feel a need to praise President Trump for three things.

  1. I've read the federal guidelines for Opening Up America again (link provided at the bottom). From my vast readings, it appears these are in concert with the CDC, and probably had the stamp of approval from Dr. Fauci. Good job working with your experts and giving them a voice.

  2. Thank you President Trump for criticizing Governor Kemp of Georgia. I don't know for sure that Governor Kemp is making a mistake by opening up his state, but our national scientists believe he is. I am pleased with President Trump for giving those scientists a voice by aligning with them instead of aligning with a governor from his own party.

  3. Good job by not speaking at the Press Conference this past Friday. That was a smart move. It allowed you to end the week as best as you could. Even though I harshly criticized you for your comments Thursday evening, I recognize the liberal media went way overboard.

Previously I predicted President Trump would lose the election if he continued to praise himself while his voters in the midwest suffer.

Here is a prediction on the opposite side. If President Trump stays on script, supporting the medical experts at the federal level, he will easily win re-election. Give your experts a voice, and then be seen in support, and be heard less. This is my advice. You would be rising above the fray.

For the reader. No matter your political affiliation, it is not President Trump's fault that our economy is faltering. The voters are smart enough to know this. President Trump should temporarily reduce his priority on the economy and trust the people of the United States to support their leader during a time of crisis.

I want my country to come out of this on the other side as soon as is possible. I love my country more than any president, ever. The are decisions to made which have life or death ramifications. I want President Trump to work with his medical experts. To give them a voice. If he does this and wins re-election, it will be good for my country. Politics are less important to me than is human life.

Know this. If President Trump returns to self-praise instead of providing clear direction, I will return to being a harsh critic. I will be watching closely in the coming days.

Let us hope he takes the course of an empathetic leader, who places human life above economic prosperity. This would be good for my country in the long run.

If you have not read my article on economic prosperity verses human life, please check it out.

For guidance from the Trump Administration on reopening America, go here.

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