• Jerry

Dawn Of Wonder, by Jonathan Renshaw

"A mystery is so much more exciting than a wrapped up answer, wouldn’t you say? A mystery carries on but an answer just ends."

Medieval Fantasy

My Review

It seems it takes me a long time to find books I really enjoy. This is one of them!

At first what I enjoyed about this book was the pacing. The reading grabs you and keeps your attention. There is always something unexpected within a few pages.

As I read further I found this novel to be much deeper in scope than a mere fantasy thriller. Renshaw not just builds a character, he brings out deep psychological issues and finds a way to exploit and eventual resolve them.

I'm happy it took me a while to discover this book. The 2nd one is evidently not published yet, but hopefully I will not have to wait too long?

Wonderful read. I really enjoyed this one.

#fantasy #dawnofwonder

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