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Edge of Eternity, by Ken Follett

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

“A man hates the person he has wronged, paradoxically. I think it’s because the victim is a perpetual reminder that he behaved shamefully.”

Historical Fiction

My Review

Another Ken Follett classic. He does not disappoint with the third book of his century trilogy. Though I will say this is not my favorite Ken Follett book. For me, Fall of Giants is better, as is his books about Medieval England. I would also rank Winter of The World ahead of this one.

But this is a very good book, well written, with great story lines and plots. Though I did not live the sixties, I would hazard a guess that Ken did a great job of capturing that decade accurately in this book. He spends a good amount of time on the coming of rock and roll and drugs, and of course free sex. He also touches on the ramifications of the drug and sex age, which was a nice touch in my opinion. Perhaps my only criticism is the rapidity with which he wraps things up, but I suppose he did not have much of a choice; the book was already pretty lengthy by the time he got to the eighties.

One warning. If you are a staunch conservative (politically), then you will not like the view point Ken portrays. He is obviously not a big Reagan fan. Personally, political opinions in either extreme do not prevent me from enjoying a story. Overall a great book, as always, from Mr. Follett.

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