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Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

“President Wilson says a leader must treat public opinion the way a sailor deals with the wind, using it to blow the ship in one direction or another, but never trying to go directly against it.”

Historical Fiction

My Review

Ken Follett might be the best at bringing history to life and making it interesting. Even if you consistently fell asleep in history classes, I am confident you will enjoy his books.

I found this book hard to put down, at times reading faster so I could get to the next page. Engrossing enough to cause some lost sleep a few times. Follett excels in building characters the reader can identify with, while telling a story that compels you to read on. The best part for me; I end up learning history better than I ever did in college.

My one criticism is the sexual content. I don't mind it and it often makes the story more interesting. But on a few instances I feel Follett goes a little overboard and I find myself wondering at the accuracy for the times. It is a small criticism as these indulgences in no way distract from the story.

It is apparent that Follett's research is superb; the way he is able to capture the historical timeline of each country, and more important, the political and social feelings of the time. Very impressive.

Overall I find all of his books engaging and captivating. The worst part for me; waiting for the third book in each of his trilogies! The anticipation was killing me!

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