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I Made it to Friday

If there is one thing universal in the United States, it is the struggle to make it to Friday. Every. Single. Week. We have slogans. TGIF. Many others. Problem is, we still have to get through Friday.

Here are some of the random thoughts going through my head on a Friday.

Mmph. Alarm. Meh. I thought I just fell asleep. Floor is cold. Gotta turn the kettle on. Floor is cold. Need socks and slippers….

...Ugh. Why do I still do pour-over coffee? I need a drip coffee maker…

...Mmm, tastes good. Love my coffee. Love it.

Why would you post that? What time is it? Cool. I have a few minutes. Can’t forget to grab my lunch from the refrigerator. Yeah, I’ll definitely remember my lunch this time. That’s a good post. I need to read that. Wait! There’s a better post. Why did you post at 2am? Can’t sleep? Facebook calling your name?

What time is it? Shiiiiit!

Why are you driving so damn slow? Who drives the exact speed limit? Old people. Wait. I’m old. Why are there so many potholes? Should we call South Carolina the “Pothole State?” I hate Chapin Road. Why can’t they widen this thing?

No customers yet. Awesome. I think I’ll make some toast…

…ARGH! How did you drive up just as my toast popped? Is there some detector which tells you the Barista is placing toast in the toaster?

Okay. Okay. No problem. I can just knock this drink out and my toast will still be warm. WHY ARE HEADLIGHTS APPROACHING MY STORE? Just. Want. Some. Toast.

Only one hour until lunch. Can’t wait. Wonder what I’ll have for dinner. Maybe stir fry. I think the customer just said something. Or Tacos. Wait! No! Pizza from Blaze! I think I’ll have one of those noodle bowls for lunch. Crap! I left my lunch in the refrigerator at home! At least I have a noodle bowl. I could have crab cakes for dinner. But I can make tacos. I’m pretty good at that. What did that customer just say? Hmm, he seems a little agitated. I wonder if I have chips for lunch.


Only thirty minutes left on my shift. We’re finally a little slow. I think I’ll get some quick accounting work done on my laptop. Or I’ll get going on the seven-drink call-in order which rang in just as I opened my laptop. I wonder if Publix has a BOGO deal on my favorite food?

Crap. I just made a mocha. I thought the ticket said mocha. It clearly says house coffee. Why did I read that as a mocha?




Yes! Someone ring a bell! My shift is over! What a great day!

Why is everyone driving so fast? I LOVE Chapin Road. It’s so pretty how it winds along with the railroad tracks. Nice and smooth and gently winding with lovely trees. DUDE! Stop tailgating me! They should call South Carolina the “Tailgate State.”


I think I’ll have a beer.

What a great dinner.



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