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I Manually Brew My Coffee at Home

I love coffee. I mean, duh! I own a coffee house. I love coffee so much that I'm very particular about the method I use to brew it (this article is also a post in our forum. If you want to ask questions or learn more, go here).

I use the pour over method. It's a simple concept, best shown with this picture from my coffee shop, The Coffee Shelf.

I use a slightly different product, from what is pictured here, to manually brew my coffee.

I use what is termed the Chemex method. It's a single glass container, so there are less moving parts (bottom of this article is a link to a picture on Amazon).

Here is how I brew my coffee every morning

  • Turn on my kettle to get my water boiling (it's already full of water).

  • Grab a #4 filter made from recycled paper (yes, I'm one of those recycle dorks)

  • Place the filter into the glass cone and run water over it to prepare the filter

  • Dump the excess water out, without removing the filter (the water will run down the sides, but the filter will not fall out - the wetness makes it stick to the glass).

  • Place my grounds into the filter. I only need one scoop because I only make one cup.

  • When my water is done boiling, slowly soak the grounds until they are fully soaked.

  • As the water level drops add more water. But don't go above the initial level required to get the grounds fully soaked (see pic above for example of water level).

  • I continue doing this until I have enough coffee for one cup.

The Chemex I use can be found at the below link. It is large enough to make two full cups of coffee.

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