Randomly Silly, Randomly Serious

Someone has screwed up our narrative. It is supposed to go like this. Disease. Famine. Locusts. Nothing in our history mentions a future involving Murder Hornets.

Surely You Can’t Be Serious

Looking back at my childhood I am surprised I haven’t caught on fire yet. In almost every grade I was taught; stop, drop, and roll. Do they still teach this? Maybe as a society we’ve learned the value of not catching on fire.

Random musings is the writer’s version of lazy. Or attention deficit disorder. Wait. Where was I going with this?

If anyone has a life-hack to prevent my iPhone from auto-correcting to duck, I would really appreciate some assistance. Yes. I know. I mentioned this in a previous article. It really bothers me.

I Am Serious

In most epic stories evil is easily identified. Smaug in the tower. Voldemort. In real life, especially today, evil hides.

Until it can no longer contain itself. Like when a young black man is jogging on a Sunday afternoon. This is when evil loses self control and decides to chase him. And corral him. And then shoot him down.

At 53 years of age I am supposed to have quit trying by now. I don’t feel like quitting. I wish I knew how to change the world. This frustrates the hell out of me.

The thought of jogging in my neighborhood tomorrow afternoon does not concern me. It will be a Sunday. I am a white male. I don’t know what racism feels like. My life is safe.

Here’s an idea. Take on a cause which has not personally affected you. I currently have two. Racism. The denigration of females. I will continue to post on social media. Maybe someone will listen.

And Don’t Call Me Shirley

Do you know how almost all unsolved crimes are eventually solved? Even with today’s technology, it is because the perp tells someone. People talk. It is almost impossible to keep a secret. Humans just don’t do that.

Are conspiracy theories popular because real life is boring? The coronavirus pandemic kind of destroys my previous premise. Conspiracy theories seem even more abundant recently. I’ve always had one problem with conspiracy theories. People talk.

Want me to ignore your social media post? Do one of the following

  • Challenge my courage to forward it

  • Declare I am not your friend if I fail to respond

  • Attach some controversy which does not actually exist

  • Push a conspiracy

Speaking of social media, the most disappointing post this past week? Ingesting bug spray is not a deterrent for Murder Hornets. Back to the drawing board. 🤔

Most accurate social media post this past week? House cats across the country are done with "stay at home" orders.

More than once my friends have suggested I run for president. Ignoring that my platform identifies with maybe ten percent of the country, my campaign would probably derail the first time I tweet “go duck yourself.”

#coexist #equalityisanidealogy #embracetheidealogy #fuckautocorrect

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