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The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”

Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

My Review

An amazing story that touched me deeply. I could not stop reading; as I got closer to the end my anxiety increased, knowing the story was nearing its end.

I've read some negative reviews (not many), so it is apparent this unique way of telling a story is not for everyone. Yet I will unabashedly label this book as a possible classic that will be read for decades.

This story by Markus Zusak is very unique. If you do read this I recommend you start with a very open mind. You will be reading a story from the perspective of Death and you might find the beginning a little tough to follow. For me, reading from the perspective of Death was immediately engaging.

Markus somehow caused me to find laughter while reading a story set during the darkest time in human history. He captures the true spirit of human struggle and survival, and even triumph, at a time in history where the odds are so stacked against it. Early in this book you will fall in love with Liesel, The Book Thief herself and heroine of the story. The beginning captivates; if Death can be intrigued by a human, then surely she is something special.

For me this book alone makes Markus Zusak a special writer; able to create characters with whom the reader can empathize, and a story line that becomes a part of you. I feel compelled now to find other books he has written, and worried they won't live up to the standard he set with this book.

Even if you know the history of Nazi Germany this is a MUST read. There is no doubt I will read this book again. Whether it is accurate or not, this book gave me a feeling of what it was like to live in Germany during that horrible period of our history. Will I watch the movie? Perhaps, even though I expect to be disappointed. No way can a movie capture emotions as well as Markus does in this book; not in my opinion.

Great book. Just great. Amazing.

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