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The City of Mirrors, by Justin Cronin

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

“Consider the species known as man. We lie, we cheat, we want what others have and take it; we make war upon each other and the earth; we harvest lives in multitudes. We have mortgaged the planet and spent the cash on trifles. We may have loved, but never well enough. We never truly knew ourselves. We forgot the world; now it has forgotten us.”

Horror, Apocalyptic

My Review

This review is short on purpose. If you have not read book one of this trilogy, then I recommend you first read my review of The Passage.

I enjoyed this ending to one of the better, apocalyptic series I've ever read. Justin did a good job of keeping me guessing, and the ending felt plausible.

Fun book, even if the story line is dark for humanity.

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