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The Magicians, by Lev Grossman

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

“In a way fighting was just like using magic. You said the words, and they altered the universe. By merely speaking you could create damage and pain, cause tears to fall, drive people away, make yourself feel better, make your life worse.”


My Review

I enjoyed this book overall. I think Lev Grossman is a talented writer. I like the way he is able to mix in descriptions of scenes during moments of action. And it is his writing which mostly kept me going. The story itself is so-so. For me, it was too much Harry Potter and The Lion King redux. Or put another way; I found the storyline somewhat predictable.

I have noted the other two books in this trilogy have much higher ratings, so I plan to start reading the next one right away.

One more positive thing about Lev's writing; he really knows how to build a character. I've read where some reviewers were turned off by the character of the Protagonist. I applaud the way Lev built him. I didn't particularly like Quentin either, but that made the story more real for me, and I would not call my dislike of Quentin a criticism.

Who says the Protagonist has to be a good person? Who says he/she has to be a flawed person who becomes a hero? Maybe the Protagonist is someone who will always be flawed. I love variety in the books and characters I read, so on that note, Lev did a great job.

Maybe Quentin will mature in the next book? I'll enjoy finding out if he does. The ending of this book implies as much.

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